PLEASE NOTE NEW CONTACT AT THE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Due to disruptions at MDAR, we urge that you send all thoroughbred horse registrations to the attention of new contact listed below by certified mail as well as email to Linda. Send a copy to MTBA by mail -MTBA, 121 Pine St, Rehoboth, MA 02769, by email to MTBA@comcast.net or by fax to 508-252-3690. You may also take a picture with your camera and text it to 508-259-8011.


A reminder from the MDAR: If you submit paper work of any kind, foal, mare or stallion registrations, you will receive an acknowledgement within 10 days. IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE THIS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, CONTACT MDAR AT 617-626-1795ยท

ALL yearlings must be registered with MDAR by MAY 15 of the yearling year. Unlike other states, Massachusetts has the foal registration process handled by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture (MDAR). They do not allow for late registrations of any kind. Breeder's Associations allow for late registrations by assessing a penalty or late fee. Having your mare or foal rejected is extremely costly. MTBA STRONGLY URGES YOU TO REGISTER YOUR FOALS WITH THE JOCKEY CLUB EARLY AND WHEN YOU HAVE RECEIVED CONFIRMATION OF THEIR REGISTRATION, FILL OUT AND SEND THE MASSACHUSTTS REGISTRATION FORMS TO MDAR AND TO MTBA

Important New Forms from MDAR concerning broodmares and foaling policy.


Breeder Incentive Program

In order to encourage breeding, BREEDER And OWNER AWARDS will be adjusted as follows:

Awards are paid for horses that finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd

1. 25% to the breeder

2. 20% to the Owner/Developer

3. 10% to the Owner of record (except in restricted Massbred races)

4. 15% to the Stallion Owner

Owner of record is defined as that owner or entity which is listed in the Equibase Chart and Registered and Licensed with the racing office at that track at which the Massbred has raced

Owner/Developer is defined as the owner or entity which is listed in the Equibase Chart as the Owner or Entity when the Registered Massbred horse made its first career start and will remain on record as the Owner/Developer for the career and all its earnings of said Mass Bred horse.

NOTES: All funding and awards will be reviewed yearly by the board and no funding is guaranteed.

The CAP on all Breeder/Owner Awards is $5,000 in each category.

These same awards will be paid to Massbred horses running at a licensed pari-mutuel race meeting authorized by the state racing commission.

This program is in effect for all Massbreds making their first LIFETIME start after 7/1/2021.


There are no scheduled restricted races for Massbreds at present.

1. A supplemental incentive of $10,000 will be in addition to the purse of any unrestricted race in which a Massbred horse is entered at a licensed pari-mutuel race meeting authorized by the state racing commission.

2. This supplemental incentive will be distributed as follows: 60%, 20%, 10%, 5%, 3% and 2% to the first 6 place finishers. Funds will not be redistributed if more or fewer horses are entered.

3. Owner/Developer Awards of 20%, Breeder Awards of 25% and Stallion awards of 15% will be granted on the supplemental purse awards and racetrack purses.

4. Owner awards of 10% will be granted on the racetrack purse only.

For Clarification: M.G.L. Chapter 128(2)g: authorizes the payment of cash prize awards to owners, breeders and stallion owners. It also authorizes purses to Massbred restricted races only.


April 21, 2022 Place to be announced

This is a General Meeting for all members to vote on a By-law change

At this meeting a speaker who has worked with breeding programs in other states will talk to us about ways to incentivize our program.

Members who will be attending the meeting are asked to confirm your intentions by calling or texting to 508-259-8011 or email mtba@comcast.net


E-mail MTBA@comcast.net to add an item to the agenda ONLY ITEMS ON THE AGENDA ARE ALLOWED TO BE BROUGHT UP AT A MEETING





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