Update Hurricane Harvey Equine Victims

Please take the time to pass this information around through forwarding this email.

Thank you to everyone for so much for your interest and caring. Here are a few more updates. Regarding the truck that was loaded yesterday, a special thanks to those who showed up to help load and to those who donated.

The truck will arrive today around 5 pm (CT) at Delta Equine Center in Vinton, LA. This is where a new distribution point is being arranged to handle needs for horses on the east side of Texas (Beaumont area) and west Louisiana. Ultimately, Delta Downs racetrack may be used as a new shelter – TBD. There are teams from LSU vet school coming to help unload.

You will see we placed a new “Special Message” on the web page regarding supply donations and self-deployment. As expected, the outpouring of support is great, but it’s also creating its own problems. As a group, we need to promote cash donations as the best way to help. https://https://foundation.aaep.org/harvey The State of Texas, Texas Animal Health Commission and Texas Equine Veterinary Association are asking volunteers not to self-deploy to the Houston area, as unexpectedly showing up in any of the communities that have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey will create an additional burden for first responders.

We certainly don’t want “helping” to become its own disaster, but it already is. People care and it’s great, but the timing of caring is just as important. While supplies will be needed, they may be needed in a week, two weeks or longer, so we need to be able to manage this and seek and direct need vs. people simply reacting to what they see on TV.

It is important to avoid donating material goods or self-deploying until communities are safe and public officials and disaster relief organizations have had an opportunity to assess the damage and identify what the specific unmet needs are.

First responders and animal health care officials are still rescuing horses and other animals and setting up hub and shelter locations to assist. Supply donations may still be sent to the AAEP office at the Kentucky Horse Park, it is not known yet as to when we will be able to send these donations. Teams managing the disaster in Texas and Louisiana will instruct us as to the best time to ship.

Several organizations such as the NHBPA have established equine disaster relief funds which will be providing financial resources to help horses and their caretakers who are in need. Please recommend to your friends, organizations and others and share on social media that monetary donations to organizations they trust are the best thing to do now. A list of these other groups is also listed here: https://https://foundation.aaep.org/harvey

Assisting Hurricane Harvey Equine Victims

Everyone, As you can imagine there are many people wanting to help. Please forward this email to anyone you wish to. All help will be appreciated.

1. The AAEP staff are prepared as of today to begin helping with the drive for supplies and helping with shipping/loading.

2. The AAEP is putting together a website that will: a. Promote cash donations are best to whatever location they wish (See my below email update) b. Promoting supplies needed or not needed with details about a drive, and directing people to stay updated via social media, etc…

3. Supplies and non-perishables may be sent to the AAEP office making sure to make clear Equine Disaster Relief Fund, AAEP Foundation. Address is 4033 Iron Works Parkway Lexington, KY 40511

4. I have attached a tentative list of what has begun to be requested started and that list is being sent to vets and facilities in Texas to confirm in fact that is what they need

5. Brookledge has one semi ready to go with hay and another double box truck that they still have room on. If a confirmation of the list of needs then maybe we can quickly gather some items and have to the AAEP office by 2 pm tomorrow/Thursday for a first shipment to Texas. Many thanks to Brookledge. This is for those in the local area who can provide assistance by tomorrow. The list will be updated as needs requests come in. Please email me or Keith Kleine at kkleine@aaep.org for further instructions and/or questions.

6. We will for sure have other shipments and that will be the drive we promote when ready online, etc…

Contact me if have questions. Eric J. Hamelback CEO, The National HBPA 870 Corporate Drive Suite 300 Lexington, KY 40503 859-707-1452 Cell 859-259-0451 Office

Please connect with the National HBPA, Click Below to Register https://www.muster.com/216/supporter-registration/


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